• How to Find out if Your Spouse is Cheating

    by Alina Bradford Oct 28th, 2010

    If you are in a relationship and wonder if you have a cheating spouse, there are several ways to find out. Just in case your husband or wife is innocent, you need to be as stealthy as possible. Here are some easy ways to be covert while finding evidence of cheating.

    Computer Monitoring

    Cyber cheating can be a big problem in today's relationships. Cheating spouses can have sexy chats with others, view porn and share inappropriate pictures.

    You can catch a cheating spouse by installing email monitoring software. Most of these programs do more than just monitor emails. They also track program use, web searches, Facebook, MySpace, instant messages, chats, webcam use and more. Many of these types of software will take screenshots of activity or even record activity in video form so that it's easy to see what the computer has been used for.

    You can set up the email monitoring software to run stealthy on any computer. The activity reports can be sent to your email or checked on an online account so that your husband or wife never knows.

    Credit Card Tracking

    Credit cards are one of the best, free ways to catch a cheating spouse. Check credit card statements for unusual spending such as hotel fees or charges at jewelry stores. One way to make this task easier is to set up online accounts for each card. If you find a charge you have a question about you can contact customer service for more information through the online account. There's no need to call and wait on a customer service line.

    Phone Usage Tracking

    Tracking phone usage can be tricky, but you can probably gain a lot of information from tracking your spouse's phone usage.

    First, take a look at your spouse's cell phone bill and your home phone bill. Each number that was called should be listed on each bill. Look for numbers that you don't recognize. If you find a few questionable numbers, extra steps need to be taken, such as checking your spouse's cell phone looking for suggestive pictures, text messages and saved contacts that you don't recognize.

    Sometimes the proof of a cheating spouse is evident, such as finding a picture of a naked person saved on a cell phone. In other cases, such as finding a suspicious phone number, you may need to do some more sleuthing. To find out whom your spouse may be calling, use a reverse directory on the internet to find the name of the number's owner. You may even want to call the number and ask the person who answers who they are. This should be a last resort though. You may accidentally call a boss or supervisor inadvertently.

    Before accusing a spouse of cheating, it's always a good idea to have some substantial proof. Using these methods, you should be able to catch a cheating spouse without the use of an expensive private investigator or extensive snooping.

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