Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Need to buy an email spy? Spector Pro by SpectorSoft has email monitoring capabilities and more. While isn't quite as easy to use as our top three picks, WebWatcher, Email Spy Pro and SpyAgent, it's jam-packed with features that may fit your needs perfectly.

Spector Pro has email monitoring down to a science. You can track incoming and outgoing emails by simply checking the email tab of your control panel. While most email spy software does that, Spector Pro takes it one step further. You can seek out certain emails through the keyword search function, or you can have the email monitoring software automatically search for certain words in emails 24 hours a day. When the monitored person uses one of these words, you are alerted and informed of when it was used and how many times.

For example, say you were concerned that your teen was writing sexually explicit emails to others. You could set up the email monitoring software to alert you when emails containing sexual words were sent or received from your teen's computer. Very few tracking systems have this capability.

The email monitoring alert system also works for websites, as well. If you are alerted to the fact that your employee or child is going to a site you don't approve of, you can use the handy site blocking feature to keep them from accessing it in the future. The blocking feature is another rare item that you don't find in most tracking software.

Spector Pro's most unique feature is its ability to record PC use and play it back like a movie. All you have to do is push play. Everything the user did on your monitored computer is played in real time so that you can see exactly what goes on when you're not looking over your child's or employee's shoulder. This includes web, email and program usage.

Spector Pro really lags behind its competitors in the customer service department. Though the SpectorSoft website does offer three ways to contact customer service, it doesn't offer online help with email monitoring such as forums, tutorials or online manuals. This can be a drag for those that like to find answers themselves.

For people who don't like to wait for an answer, there is an online chat service. This allows you to ask a SpectorSoft representative a question through a chat box and get an immediate answer.

This email monitoring system can record incoming and outgoing email from just about any web-based, POP3 or SMTP account. Even if you have trouble with the email function, you can still use the playback feature to read any email that is opened or written, so this software has all of its bases covered.

Spector Pro Summary:

Spector Pro may not have great online resources, but it does have some unique features that make email monitoring and computer usage easier. Most casual users will find that it works well for their needs.


Spector Pro

Spector Pro has a wide range of email monitoring features.

It isn't as easy to use as other email monitoring systems.

The Verdict:

Most users will find that it works well for their needs as long as they have the patience.